UZACE in the European Union project.

Dear friends!

We are pleased to inform that the Association of Consulting Engineers of Uzbekistan (hereinafter referred to as "Association") in cooperation with the associations "Cleantech Latvia" (Latvia) and "Kazakhstan Su Arnasy" (Kazakhstan) has launched the project "Capacity Building of Industry Associations Serving Engineering Companies in Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan" co-financed by the European Union (№ ACA/2019/412-712).

The purpose of project implementation is to increase the capacity of associations that promote the development of engineering sector by improving the professional skills and competence of engineers, implementing a certification system to confirm high quality requirements during performance of work.

The project will be implemented by April 2023 by partners from three countries - Latvia, Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan. The leading partner in this project is Cleantech Latvia (Association of Clean Technologies), the partner from Uzbekistan is Association of Consulting Engineers of Uzbekistan (Association of design, engineering and consulting companies of Uzbekistan) and the partner from Kazakhstan is Kazakhstan Su Arnasy (Association of Water Supply and Sewage Companies of Kazakhstan).

The new project is aimed at increasing the capacity and competitiveness of industry associations, improving their services to engineering companies in Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan, as well as supporting the development of small and medium private businesses. The project also provides support for the introduction of an engineering certification system and quality requirements for engineering work.

A number of activities are planned within the framework of the project implementation. These include familiarization tours on exchange of European experience with representatives of associations of Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan, development of training courses and certification program for increasing competitiveness, including small and medium enterprises (SMEs), conducting pilot trainings and certification programs for representatives (SMEs) from Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan, as well as evaluation of pilot projects results, adjustment of training programs and introduction of certification system on a regular basis, proposed by the industry associations.

The contents of this publication do not reflect the official views of the European Union. The responsibility for the information and opinions expressed in this article lies entirely with its author (UZACE).